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Why Work With Me

I am uniquely qualified to consult healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations.

I bring real-world healthcare and academic experience to my approach to negotiations, conflict resolution, and mediation. As a former corporate law litigator, certified mediator, healthcare industry executive, award-winning Johns Hopkins professor, and Fulbright Scholar certified in healthcare law and negotiations, I have experience dealing with the various perspectives involved in each conversation.

This comprehensive insight into the interests and needs of different parties in the negotiations or conflict allows me to develop innovative, durable solutions.

An academic approach to negotiations does not work if you have not negotiated deals. A purely experiential approach to negotiations lacks the research to justify the strategies. A sound approach requires both. As a trial attorney, I spent years deposing and questioning parties to discover their interests and motives.

As a corporate counsel to two of the nation’s largest healthcare organizations, I negotiated agreements across various healthcare industry sectors. As a law and negotiations professor, I am skilled at teaching and use the latest educational technology to help you and your organization retain what you learn.

Unlike larger negotiation consulting firms that offer a broad range of services to different industries, I specialize exclusively in healthcare.

This focus is grounded in my belief that healthcare negotiations are fundamentally different and require a unique skill set.

I have dedicated my career to mastering those differences to create better agreements and better outcomes. Let me help you transform your conversations.

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I use a different approach to
negotiations for better outcomes

I deliver results through practical,
focused coaching

I move beyond the traditional approach to negotiations. I inspire clients to think creatively and offer specific, effective negotiation and conflict resolution strategies tailored to your situation.

My unique approach to healthcare negotiations is derived from transformative mediation techniques. Honed over the past 5 years, this approach has been a proven winner with my clients.

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