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Wondering how we can help you or your organization?​

Praxis Pacisci, LLC, is a Healthcare Negotiation Institute specializing in coaching and education, training healthcare providers and organizations to negotiate more effectively. We also deliver workshops and customized modules to help you accomplish your unique goals. Our name, Praxis Pacisci, has a Latin origin - Praxis translates to 'the practice of', and Pacisci translates to negotiation. This name reflects our belief that effective negotiation is vital to improving healthcare outcomes. We are on a mission to transform healthcare conversations and create better outcomes for providers, organizations, and patients.

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With more than 10 years of business and healthcare knowledge and real-world experience, as well as negotiation teaching and consulting expertise, I am uniquely positioned to help you overcome your negotiation and conflict resolution challenges.


Experienced corporate law litigator


Created innovative curricula for graduate-level Negotiation, Health, and Business Law courses


Award-winning professor at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, joint appointment at Bloomberg School of Public Health


Designed cutting-edge corporate education training programs for hospitals, executive leadership programs, and healthcare organizations


Certified Mediator and member of Maryland Mediation excellence Program


Senior regulatory affair specialist to nation's largest health provider trade association


Logo Stacey - Praxis Pacisci (2).png

We believe that traditional business negotiation approaches don't work well in the healthcare setting.

Unlike in business, healthcare negotiations often involve patient health and safety concerns, complex regulations, and instances where the agreement's primary goals are quality, safety, and compassion rather than a specific dollar amount. Added to this, providers have competing demands for their time, including clinical commitments, research, and administrative duties, as well as maintaining an appropriate work-life balance. On a departmental and organizational level, healthcare executives struggle to manage their internal and external relationships and reputation.

We find that more is negotiable than what we are conditioned to believe.

Producing better negotiated outcomes involves more than simply divvying up a "fixed pie." I help healthcare professionals to see and create possibilities at the negotiation table that may have been missed otherwise. We encourage them to be innovative and come up with original solutions. From this expanded view, providers, executives, and staff create better agreements.

We believe that conflict on an interpersonal, departmental, or organizational level fragments workplace relationships and undermines positive patient outcomes.

We empower healthcare professionals to develop the skills to cognitively disagree and resolve differences through a framework that supports cohesion, understanding and mutual respect. By transforming healthcare conversations within the organization, can then apply these skills to improving patient outcomes.

Because of these unique challenges, healthcare professionals, from residents to executives, need negotiation and conflict resolution training. We help healthcare professionals create a shift in mindset and acquire the skills to have better conversations and achieve better outcomes.

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