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Do you want to be a more effective negotiator?

As a health care professional, you are continually negotiating – with colleagues, staff, patients, insurers, hospitals, referring physicians, vendors, and governmental agencies.

Whether it’s determining how much to pay for a piece of medical equipment, asking for more protected time for research, negotiating your compensation package, or speaking with your patient’s family about treatment options, being able to reach agreement is vital to your personal and professional success. In today’s turbulent healthcare environment, relationships are increasingly governed by and through negotiated agreements. If you are ready to improve your negotiating and conflict resolution skills – I’d love to help!

One on one negotiation coaching


1 on 1 conflict resolution coaching
for healthcare professionals


1-on-1 healthcare employment contract negotiation and career advancement coaching


Negotiations coaching
for women

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Executive coaching


Are you a healthcare provider or executive? Whether your organization or hospital is in the middle of high-stakes contract negotiations, your department is struggling with persistent internal conflict, or you are preparing for a career-changing negotiation, I can help!

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healtcare negotiation consulting


Conflict resolution

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Mediation seminar


Don’t put your healthcare systems and patients at risk

Increasingly, healthcare providers are faced with difficult patients, their families or friends, staff, and other co-workers. Provide your healthcare employees the training to handle difficult people in any area of health and medicine.
My proven approaches work to calm upset people, de-escalate conflict, curb condescending language, and deal with high conflict personalities. As these training methods are put into everyday use, stress will decrease, job satisfaction will increase, and productivity will improve.


Inspire your audience
From general sessions to keynotes conference and meeting, participants want the tools for conducting effective negotiations and high energy presentation filled with stories thatcan relate to in their business and personal lives. As featured TedX speaker (and Fulbright Special recognized for my healthcare negotiation expertise,) I deliver.

Available formats





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