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Do you want to be a more effective negotiator?

As a health care professional, you are continually negotiating – with colleagues, staff, patients, insurers, hospitals, referring physicians, vendors, and governmental agencies.

Whether it’s determining how much to pay for a piece of medical equipment, asking for more protected time for research, negotiating your compensation package, or speaking with your patient’s family about treatment options, being able to reach agreement is vital to your personal and professional success. In today’s turbulent healthcare environment, relationships are increasingly governed by and through negotiated agreements. If you are ready to improve your negotiating and conflict resolution skills – I’d love to help!

1 on 1 negotiation

1 on 1 conflict resolution coaching
for healthcare professionals

  • Identify your negotiation style and learn how to analyze and select negotiation strategies that suit your personality and objectives.

  • Develop the field analysis skills to more effectively and strategically prepare for negotiations in a variety of healthcare settings.

  • Apply negotiation frameworks designed to create doable and durable agreements in the highly nuanced healthcare environment.

  • Eliminate the most common negotiation mistakes.

  • Apply communication strategies for increased effectiveness.

  • Increase your awareness of cultural considerations and safe skills.

  • Resolve deadlocks and impasses.

  • Manage emotions – yours and theirs.

  • Effectively manage difficult negotiations with hardball bargainers, intimidators, and irrational negotiators.

  • Facilitate team and departmental dynamics and negotiate for internal resources.

  • Identify your conflict management style.

  • Navigate single and multi-party conflicts.

1-on-1 healthcare employment contractnegotiation and career advancement coaching

Negotiations coaching
for women

  • More than money - Strategies to develop creative solutions to reach your compensation goals.

  • What to ask for? Determining your value to the organization.

  • Specific approaches for negotiating physician employment contracts.

  • After the offer, now what? Negotiating your role within your organization.

  • Crafting the counter offer – how to respond to the initial offer.

  • Developing your 3 a.m. list - Strategies to advance your career.

  • Identify opportunities to get more of what you want.

  • Communicate, command attention, and convey authority without provoking a backlash.

  • Ensure you get appropriate credit for your contributions.

  • Neutralize gender differences.

  • Utilize linguistic styles as strategy.

  • Recognize and overcome internal barriers holding you back.

  • Advocate effectively for yourself, team, or department.

  • Recruit mentors and sponsors to help promote your career.

  • Strategies for negotiating in a gender-biased situation.

  • Negotiate higher compensation packages.

Executive coaching

  • Email, text, voicemail, and video negotiations.

  • Negotiating with clients who can’t afford to lose.

  • Gaining and leveraging power.

  • Dealing with difficult people.

  • Negotiating with the government.

  • Responding to lies and threats.

  • Shifting power imbalances.


Negotiation strategy tailored to your situation.

Confidence-building practice sessions where you learn to say what you want to say and how you mean to say it, so you don’t choke during that important conversation.


Practical skills you can use for the rest of your life.

You will see yourself negotiating and get immediate feedback on your performance.



Are you a healthcare provider or executive? Whether your organization or hospital is in the middle of high-stakes contract negotiations, your department is struggling with persistent internal conflict, or you are preparing for a career-changing negotiation, I can help!

Healthcare negotiation consulting

Together we work through all phases of the negotiation process to help you address your current negotiation challenges, including:

Conduct negotiation assessments to breakthrough Impasses and revive stalled negotiations.

I deconstruct the details of your current negotiations, ask tough questions, and provide recommendations to identify where you are stuck and why.

After the deal analysis – how to stay on course

Negotiations don’t end because the deal is signed. Get the skills to capture lessons learned and implement that new deal inside your organization and make sure the agreement stays on track.

Develop strategic solutions to your negotiation challenges

Together with a seasoned negotiator’s help, you will co-create your personal or company’s negotiation strategy to create doable and durable agreements, from managing organizational transitions to negotiating with patients and their family members.

Hone your skills to negotiate better contract results

All healthcare providers, from hospitals to post-acute care organizations, negotiate with vendors to get market-competitive pricing. However, negotiating cost-effective supply agreements can be challenging. I offer behind-the-scenes guidance every step of the way to help you effectively negotiate with vendors, payors, and government agencies.

Conflict resolution

Is your healthcare organization experiencing conflict between departments, administrators, or medical staff? When organizations face conflict, it is not unusual for employees to either avoid it or rush right in and try to force a solution. Benefit from my negotiation and alternate dispute resolution experience to overcome these instincts and craft approaches to apply a problem-solving approach to your conflict challenges. These evidence-based strategies include:


Recognize conflict
management style


Utilize techniques to discover underlying issues that are hindering your organization’s progress

strategy (2).png

Apply communication strategies for increased effectiveness in single and multi-party conflicts


Work through the critical issues to increase productivity and facilitate real organizational success

Mediation seminar

When challenges exist, whether among management or between divisions, this could be your solution. Depending on the specific issue, you will benefit from my experience as a certified mediator who specializes in transformative mediation to help you address inter-personal problems and set up sustainable agreements.


Resolve internal


Improve communication
among stakeholders


Foster better organizational


Don’t put your healthcare systems and patients at risk

Increasingly, healthcare providers are faced with difficult patients, their families or friends, staff, and other co-workers. Provide your healthcare employees the training to handle difficult people in any area of health and medicine.
My proven approaches work to calm upset people, de-escalate conflict, curb condescending language, and deal with high conflict personalities. As these training methods are put into everyday use, stress will decrease, job satisfaction will increase, and productivity will improve.


Engaging presentations tailored to your organizational environment, challenges or specific situation.

Transformative negotiation skills your teams can apply consistently.

Comprehensive training to get your team members on the same page about communicating for best results and approaching conflicts to arrive at the winning solutions while keeping patient outcomes and service front and center.


Systems your organization can implement immediately and without too much extra effort (staff expectations derived from the transformative approach, conflict resolution strategies, and expectations).

Essentially, a strategic framework the organization can use to move past persistent conflicts, or common negotiation challenges. Ultimately, happier, more satisfied teams create a better work environment, a better environment for patients, more effective and purposeful service.



Inspire your audience
From general sessions to keynotes conference and meeting, participants want the tools for conducting effective negotiations and high energy presentation filled with stories thatcan relate to in their business and personal lives. As featured TedX speaker (and Fulbright Special recognized for my healthcare negotiation expertise,) I deliver.

Available formats

Sample topics







Negotiating work-life balance

Negotiating to get what your are worth

Negotiation strategies for women: Ensuring a voice at the table

Negotiations for career success: The important of mentorship

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